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About Country Crush

Country Crush was developed 4 years ago in California City Ca.

It's creator came up with the idea to help with the recovery of his wife's wrist. His inspiration came from combining to different tools into one.

The Original handle was a 2" double lifting handle that The way the that the handle articulates to a natural progressive motion to allow for overall body development. By focusing primarily on hand , wrist , and forearms training. From there the idea grew into a line of grips that could be easily switched out. Saving you the hassle of having to carry several complete handles.

We strive here at Country Crush to provide the best in product quality and customer satisfaction.

Thank you
Ceo Raymond C.Cote , III


Country Crush Raptor


Training Video

The Raptor Handle was design to target specific weak spots in your hand game. Like the Country Crush we offer a variety of grips to choose from.
all grips for both handles are interchangeable.
We offer a variety of training tools load pins from 12″ to 18″

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Learn Pro Country Crush Workouts

COUNTRY CRUSH  was founded in late 2014 by Raymond “Country”  Cote is completely dedicated to fitnes. Ray is a father and husband who strives to help people with some of the best fitness equipment on the market.


What people say about us.

Scott Warren

We had the chance to sit down and interview two amazing brother’s in the sport of Armwrestling, Scott and AJ Warren. We will start with Scott “The Ambassador” Warren (pictured on the right) Congratulations Scott on being Country Crush’s co-arm wrestler for the month of March 2015! Q. Who got you started in arm wrestling and how…

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Kayley Lewis

Country Crush recently had the chance to speak with phenom from Conneticut, rising women’s star Kayley Lewis! Q. So Kayley, how old are you? KL. I just turned 14. Q. At what age did you become interested in the sport of armwrestling and why? KL. At age 13, last year and because my dad competes…

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Mike Ayello

First I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to let people into your life. I’m looking forward to learning what it takes to become an elite athlete like yourself. So here we go. (Q)How long have you been arm wrestling? (A) I have been arm wrestling professionally for…

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