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Country Crush
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by Helen Strauss on Country Crush

I have been an athlete competing now for 6 yrs. 5 out of those 6 yrs I have trained with the Country Crush Handles and I contribute all my success to the handles.

The handles articulate and create a positive resistance creating more demand on your hand , wrist and overall grip.

I recently competed in the APL World Championship which is for grip. I brought home 3 Bronze and 2 Gold Medals

If not for Country Crush I Know I would not have done so well

Thank you Country Crush
Helen Strauss

by Nashvillle Arm Wrestling on Country Crush
Country Crush is my favorite tool

The Raptor and the Country Crush handles the best tools ive found in my 15 years of lifting for, putting size on your forearms, training your grip and increasing general training effect.

I use the Country Crush for lat pull downs, bent over rows, and of course the Country Crush deadlift. I use the Raptor for curls, side pressure, cupping, flat finger pressure and much more.

The last thing im gonna say is that Ray Cote runs a great company, and that he always stands by his word. Give Country Crush a try the worst thing that can happen is you get your money back!

by Redneck ray moseley on Country Crush

I have been a member of team crushing it for a very long time. I even have one of the handles from before they were easily interchangeable. I also have newer handles including a chrome crush. All of my handles see rigorous use. Several world records were set on my handles. I have beaten my handles, dropped them, rolled biscuits with them even. And they are just as good today as the day i got them. You cannot beat the quality or durability of a country crush.

by Jon on Country Crush
Best handle anywhere

This is by far the best handle around. Ya'll know as the vp of sales but long before that happed i was a very satisfied customer. You qill be hard pressed to find anybody more passionate about his business than Ray

by WES OBLANDER on Country Crush

“The Country Crush is one of the very few handles I have used that completely exhausts the wrists and forearms in a way that few devices ever have. It is easy to attach to any pulley with a carabiner and do wrist curles, static holds and partial reps while doing one’s back work. Not only is it built like a tank, but it would be helpful for anyone desiring wrist and forearm strength. "

by RICK BANAS on Country Crush

“After using the Country Crush the past couple months, there has been a significant increase in size and strength in my crib, wrists and forearms No other tool currently available at my local gym has the capacity to focus the intensity right where it is needed most”

by GREG GOLDEN on Country Crush

“Impressed with the handles mate..2 days 2 workouts..really hits my hands…I think it’s the best bit of kit out there. Thanks so much from Australia”

by STIAN NYMO on Country Crush

“I’ve been training alot with the Country Crush. Getting stronger every single day. It’s a great piece of training equipment and i’ve found that no other training tool gives me so much pump in my formarms as your product. My armwrestling has significantly increased. I’ve been even trying to do some deadlifts as well, but im afraid im no where near the guys you post on the page..Yet.. Thanks so much! Stain from Norway”

by ERIC TURPIN on Country Crush

“ Thank you Ray “Big Country” Cote for your time and dedication in making this fine piece of workout equipment. I’ve had the Country Crush for a while now it really gets the arms pumping. I’ll be using this alot in my workouts. Thanks again Ray! “

by AUTUMN COTE on Country Crush

“ Love the Country Crush and the awesome burn after.. This tool is amazing for so many different workouts and is a must have in any gym! Definitely my favorite! ”

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