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Country Crush
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by Bill Schumer on Country Crush

After seeing the Country Crush handles for years, I finally decided to pony up and give one a shot. I can't believe I waited so long! The Mega Crush is a game changer; I absolutely love the 2.5" dual handle. It's so smooth, and the pump you get in your forearms is flat out ridiculous. The Raptor Cone also has a permanent home on my pulley machine in the gym. With all of the options available and the ability to switch out the grips, you can't possibly go wrong with this handle.

by Steve Pettis on Country Crush
All three handles

I have partnered with Country Crush and purchased all three handles. I started training with them for an Armwrestling match. I have used them attached to a BowFlex the tension and angles that I get using these handles has prepared me very well.
The handles all work different parts of your hands wrist and arms.
When using them for dead lifts the game changes completely. Very amazed at what these handles can do for you.
I also have these for demonstration at events and they are always a big hit.

by Anthony Joe on Country Crush

Five stars! I picked up a Country Crush handle at The Arnold this year....love it! For my forearms and biceps it's crazy! I love the burn and the pump I get from it!!!!

Anthony Joe

by Jon on Country Crush
Belts and wrist wraps

The Belts , wrist wraps and figure 8's are by far top notch products and with stand up against some of the Bigger name companies that are so expensive you have to take a loan to pay for them. Country Crush is far less expensive and the quality is superb. As the vp i get the pleasure of putting yhe products in other people's hands, i have personally used the above equipment in my training and have found nothing but success, so to be unbiased i let others use my equipment to get their feedback and the results are an overwhelming support of our products.

by James Orlando on Country Crush

It has been an honor to be apart of the Country Crush family since the begining. I can tell you that if you don't have a handle that you're truly missing out. Raymond and his family has been a HUGE BLESSING TO ME. Thank you Brother!

by The Happy Hillbilly on Country Crush
Grip for days

I own every handle. even the chrome crush. all handles are used regularly. my personal favorite is the chrome crush. the quality of everything i have is top notch. you couldnt kill a handle if you hit it with a tank. and the pump you will get in your forearms is the best. nothing on the market today or in the future will ever compare. definitely a family product. not only is team crushing it a family, but you will be able to pass these handles on to all the generations following you. the quality of the handles will make them an heirloom for eternity.

by Corey West on Country Crush
Unrivaled amazing product

Wonderful product that has definently played a large role in my recent success in the sport. I train with both the raptor and country crush almost daily and highly recommend them both

by Big Frank on Country Crush
Speed your strength

2 years ago Ray Cote heard I accepted a match against Devon Larratt. What most would consider a suicide match. He knew I was working with an amazing team in erie, and wanted to help my training however he could so he sent me a handle. I used that handle in almost every training session I had. Mind you I was sponsored by Fat Gripz who had custom made every size for me with my name, but this handle had the unique feature of articulation. Being a bodybuilder and weightlifter majority of my life, i was shocked at how quickly my size and strdogth changed. I was using muscle and connective tissue I hadn't before. And the result was Devon complimenting me saying I was much stronger than he belived Id be. Am I a world class armwrestler? no. But it caught me up to many who have been training several years longer. And the handle has many miles on it. Its been to many expos and now sits in Catalyst Gym in Buffalo, NY for the competitive strength teams to use and they love it. There are many knock offs ive seen that without a doubt could lead to injury. Theres only one country crush!!

by Joe Schwartz on Country Crush
Got the handle...Now need the gear.

Making a comeback after a decade long absence from powerlifting. First thing I did was order the new Country Crush deadlift straps and wrist wraps to go along with my handle.

by Dave on Country Crush

I've had the country crush raptor and country crush handle for some time now and I can tell you that it is incredibly helped me with my strongman making me be able to hold on to Atlas stones, deadlift bars and Axle bars much easier.if it wasn't for the country crush handles I don't think I would be where I'm at today with strongman or an arm lifting. Do you have allowed me to ba better strongman and a better gripper. I've tried a lot of grippers on the market and this is by far the best.

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