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Country Crush
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 45 reviews
 by Ryan

Great products.. and what an awesome guy Raymond is!! Def buy these products they are top notch!!

 by Leonard Harrison
The boost I needed

Being a Husband a father a business owner and a Pastor of a church it’s hard to have the energy to go to the gym like I did 10 years ago. I tried Power X and it gave me the boost I needed! Soon as I get off work I drink one and in 30 min you can’t slow me down!
I see the transformation not only in my energy levels but also my body as I am spending the time on it I need to! If work and life in general is slowing you down I highly recommend this drink to give you the boost to finish your day stronger than you started it!

 by Jody Williams

My favorite handle is the Raptor (made by Country Crush) it gives you three different angles to to choose from to train with, whereas with handles don’t give you that. Also, another feature of the Country Crush has that others don’t is that the handles are interchangeable. It’s a win, win!

 by Edgar A. Guerrero
Country Crish handles

Once I decided to get serious about arm wrestling training, I wanted to get the right equipment for the job. I got 4 different Country crush handles for my team, a d they have helped us tremwndously! Highly recommend them!

 by Ultimate Armwrestling League
Armwrestling/Strong grip

The UAL is very anal about branding and who they choose to deal with, this include products, host site, staff and equipment…the UAL is always looking for product that can enhance a competitors edge...The Country Crush product does exactly that, enhancing the grip, wrist, finger and forearm strength, and pending how you use your county crush it can also help strengthen your tendons. The CEO of Country Crush has been very creative on product enhancement and has proven to be a first class handle, the UAL is please with the product and uses the Country Crush handles as award for our competitors. This is a professional product that UAL shall support…

 by Tim bresnan

When the Country Crush handles come out we know its going to be a hard day at gym. Would recommend EVERONE try the handles thos CO produces top quality i have personally seen the machine shop they produce them very old school. And quality is #1.

 by Anthony Appello
Product Review

We’ve been using the handles for a couple years now... it is by far the very best for strength gains and overall reliability! I now make my Martial Arts students (mma fighters) use it and now have introduced it to my wrestling kids on my high school team I coach...

Want results then use these products!

 by Frank Dias

Team Silverbacks in Florida loves COUNTRY CRUSH handles! We have a 4" Colossal Crush and it is indestructible! If you want to be a better Puller then buy a country crush handle.

 by Paul Douglas Passmore

I converted from mma to armwrestling back in 2014. I always had a strong arm and great work ethic, but quickly found out that there was waaaaay more to armwrestling than just a strong arm. I found that there was a tremendous amount of technique and hand, finger and wrist strength involved as well. I constantly got my wrist busted back in hand taken by those God forsaken top rollers. It was a very frustrating time in the start up of my arm wrestling career. It seemed that everyone could take my hand once I stepped into the pro ranks. I rarely won a match, then I found Country Crush. I bought my first handle, which was a monster crush back in 2016 then quickly found out that it was too much for me to start with so I ordered the 2 inch grips. Then it wasn’t very long before my hand fingers and wrist Became strong enough to stop most top roll attempts made on me during matches and I could trap them into my hook. Then I got the raptor grip and the Combat Armsports power pull table and was able to add a tremendous amount of horsepower on the table and I have progressively moved up the ranks. It is now 2019 and I am a two time AAA national heavyweight champion and to time PAF national super heavyweight Champion. I credit much of my success to Raymond’s bulletproof invention of the Country Crush and raptor handles I have used them regularly for around 3 to 4 years now and they are just as good as they were the day I bought them they are very truly bombproof. I’ll put in the hard work with the right tools and I’m gaining very much success because of it. I recommend Country Crush to anyone who will listen & who is interested in becoming better at Armwrestling. It made all the difference for me and still continues to help me improve.

 by Des Hubbard

Thanks to Ike Ford for selling me my raptor handle

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