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Country Crush
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by Paul Douglas Passmore on Country Crush

I converted from mma to armwrestling back in 2014. I always had a strong arm and great work ethic, but quickly found out that there was waaaaay more to armwrestling than just a strong arm. I found that there was a tremendous amount of technique and hand, finger and wrist strength involved as well. I constantly got my wrist busted back in hand taken by those God forsaken top rollers. It was a very frustrating time in the start up of my arm wrestling career. It seemed that everyone could take my hand once I stepped into the pro ranks. I rarely won a match, then I found Country Crush. I bought my first handle, which was a monster crush back in 2016 then quickly found out that it was too much for me to start with so I ordered the 2 inch grips. Then it wasn’t very long before my hand fingers and wrist Became strong enough to stop most top roll attempts made on me during matches and I could trap them into my hook. Then I got the raptor grip and the Combat Armsports power pull table and was able to add a tremendous amount of horsepower on the table and I have progressively moved up the ranks. It is now 2019 and I am a two time AAA national heavyweight champion and to time PAF national super heavyweight Champion. I credit much of my success to Raymond’s bulletproof invention of the Country Crush and raptor handles I have used them regularly for around 3 to 4 years now and they are just as good as they were the day I bought them they are very truly bombproof. I’ll put in the hard work with the right tools and I’m gaining very much success because of it. I recommend Country Crush to anyone who will listen & who is interested in becoming better at Armwrestling. It made all the difference for me and still continues to help me improve.

by Des Hubbard on Country Crush

Thanks to Ike Ford for selling me my raptor handle

by Danny Adkins- (Team: AFTERMATH-ARMs) on Country Crush
Monster Crush Helping Dan-Man make Strides and GAINz


Turned my poor little weak Hand into my Strongest part of my Technique NOW.
When I started seems like Everyone could bust through my HAND. After only a few Short Months Of Training with my MONSTER CRUSH handle

My FINGERS and WRIST have solidified so Much.

NOW, They same guys are trying to Beat -ME to my POWER. Which is IRONICALLY /now my Hand.

Next on my WISH-LIST. a Set Of simulator HAND-HANDLEs & a RAPTOR.


by Bill Schumer on Country Crush

After seeing the Country Crush handles for years, I finally decided to pony up and give one a shot. I can't believe I waited so long! The Mega Crush is a game changer; I absolutely love the 2.5" dual handle. It's so smooth, and the pump you get in your forearms is flat out ridiculous. The Raptor Cone also has a permanent home on my pulley machine in the gym. With all of the options available and the ability to switch out the grips, you can't possibly go wrong with this handle.

by Steve Pettis on Country Crush
All three handles

I have partnered with Country Crush and purchased all three handles. I started training with them for an Armwrestling match. I have used them attached to a BowFlex the tension and angles that I get using these handles has prepared me very well.
The handles all work different parts of your hands wrist and arms.
When using them for dead lifts the game changes completely. Very amazed at what these handles can do for you.
I also have these for demonstration at events and they are always a big hit.

by Anthony Joe on Country Crush

Five stars! I picked up a Country Crush handle at The Arnold this year....love it! For my forearms and biceps it's crazy! I love the burn and the pump I get from it!!!!

Anthony Joe

by Jon on Country Crush
Belts and wrist wraps

The Belts , wrist wraps and figure 8's are by far top notch products and with stand up against some of the Bigger name companies that are so expensive you have to take a loan to pay for them. Country Crush is far less expensive and the quality is superb. As the vp i get the pleasure of putting yhe products in other people's hands, i have personally used the above equipment in my training and have found nothing but success, so to be unbiased i let others use my equipment to get their feedback and the results are an overwhelming support of our products.

by James Orlando on Country Crush

It has been an honor to be apart of the Country Crush family since the begining. I can tell you that if you don't have a handle that you're truly missing out. Raymond and his family has been a HUGE BLESSING TO ME. Thank you Brother!

by The Happy Hillbilly on Country Crush
Grip for days

I own every handle. even the chrome crush. all handles are used regularly. my personal favorite is the chrome crush. the quality of everything i have is top notch. you couldnt kill a handle if you hit it with a tank. and the pump you will get in your forearms is the best. nothing on the market today or in the future will ever compare. definitely a family product. not only is team crushing it a family, but you will be able to pass these handles on to all the generations following you. the quality of the handles will make them an heirloom for eternity.

by Corey West on Country Crush
Unrivaled amazing product

Wonderful product that has definently played a large role in my recent success in the sport. I train with both the raptor and country crush almost daily and highly recommend them both

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