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Training With Back Pain

In this article we will discuss training with back pain and after back surgery.

I am a patient of 2 major surgeries in my back. My first surgery was Oct 1998 .

I had a fusion and disc replacement at L4 , L5 , and S1. To include 4 titanium cages

My second surgery was Mar 2018. This surgery involved my T9 , T10 , T11 portion of my back.

The surgery included a fusion a Laminectomy. Since this surgery I have been reading a lot about back injury and training.

Some of the articles I will be referring to are :


As the doctor stated in the video. The best thing you can do is to get up and move.

Laying in bed and being stationary can lead to a whole a lot of other issues like , pneumonia and blood clots.

When doing movements to build the lower back there should be a little discomfort not lasting for more than a few mins. However if the movement activates a greater pain lasting longer then 15 mins you are going to want to seek some medical attention.

Some movements you may want to look at staying away from or switching out for a different movement.

According to

  1. Stay away from – Toe Touches
  2. Switch to – Partial Crunches
  3. Stay away from – Sit-Ups
  4.  Switch to – Hamstring Stretches
  5.  Stay away from – Leg Lifts
  6.  Switch to – Wall Sits

Some of my personal favorite movements to do deal with bridging and arching..

one being The Camel’s Hump I believe the name was changed to Cat-Cow Stretch

another one is planking. I was never very good at these but it did help a lot when I performed

them correctly.

Some things I enjoy eating to help combat pain in my back is.

Meat lean meat. I do not eat a lot of fish but I do eat a lot of free ranged organically chicken & beef

Although highly recommended to eat a lot of green vegetables I do not. I do however drink a

bottle of V8 juice a day and I eat a ton of fruits and nuts.

It is not hard to find a eating plan with a little bit of research you can formulate a pretty healthy

enjoyable eating plan. Some articles I have read are :


Written by: Raymond Cote

Raymond is not an expert and can not offer any medical advice. All of what Raymond has written has either come from personal experience or from videos and articles which some have been credited in the Article. It is Country Crush’s  intent to bring you informative , helpful , factual ways to stay healthy.


Some Youtube Videos I also found helpful


How you recover from training is just as important as how you train. helping your body to recover from strenuous weight training or other types of training will greatly enhance the benefits whether it be strength or size or endurance.

As covered in my previous article about post-workout nutrition what you eat after training in before training greatly affects your energy levels and your ability to heal quickly.

Sleep is a major part of the healing process most of the body’s repair process happens during sleep there are three stages of sleep there is light sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep.during REM sleep and deep sleep the body does most of the repair processes in the body. Ranging from balancing hormones including dopamine and serotonin in the brain to producing testosterone and repairing muscle tissue and organ tissue.

Getting adequate amount of sleep is very important in the process, feelings of lethargy, weakness and lack of energy or all symptoms of lack of sleep.

it is recommended by the Harvard school of medicine that the average person get between 8 to 10 hours of sleep although that number varies by the person’s individual physiology.

now realistically it is hard for a lot of people to get that amount of sleep due to family, training schedules, work and other mitigating factors. But it is still important to try get as much sleep as possible.

TENS/EMS units are extremely helpful with the recovery process. TENS stands for transcutaneous electro nerve stimulation. It increases blood flow which in turn increases the intake of oxygen and nutrients into the blood which goes into the muscle and other body tissue to help the healing process it is also good for pain relief as it vibrates the nerves and calms them almost as if to massage them. you can get a good quality unit on Amazon for about 30 to $40.a word of caution with these units if you do have any type of heart condition or if you have any electrical devices in your body such as a pacemaker please consult your physician before using one of these as it does transmit a small electrical charge into the body.

EMS stands for electro muscle stimulation. This differs from TENS unit as it causes a muscle contraction vs. Nerve stimulation. If you were to place the pads on your bicep or quadrisect you would cause your muscle to contract as if it were doing physical exercise. These are good for time is when you can’t train or when you possibly have an injury but still want to work the muscle without having a weight load on the muscle. Using a EMS unit is also good for endurance training.

infrared light therapy is a great way to accelerate the healing process as well. infrared light therapy kits have become more accessible and less expensive as they are becoming more readily available to the public they are available on Amazon as well and other medical supply websites. Infrared light therapy has been used by physical therapist for years and is FDA-approved as well as the TENS unit.

What infrared light therapy does is stimulates the mitochondria in your muscle cells and your body tissue creating energy what this energy does is to accelerate the healing process more energy in the cells the faster your body heals and the faster you grow muscle or get stronger. after checking with healthcare providers there are no physical limitations on using and infrared light unit. It is also good in the use of arthritis on joints as well as the TENS unit.

mineral supplementation is also something that is very helpful in muscle recovery. Such minerals as magnesium, potassium and zinc help the healing process. the average person does not usually need to supplement with these minerals unless they have an underlying health condition however for those who are into straining with training the body consumes and uses these minerals at a faster rate increasing the need for supplementation. Again before starting any supplementation I do recommend speaking with your healthcare provider beforehand.

self deep tissue massage is another good way to stimulate circulation and remove any knots or tightness in the muscles this can easily be done with any round object such as a billiard ball or croquet ball. By applying firm pressure to the muscles making sure to avoid the joints themselves, you can roll the ball around working out knots and stress out of the muscles relieving any type of pressure or tightness without spending a lot of money on a massage therapist. I have been using this type of therapy for a number of years and found it very helpful.

Chinese cupping therapy which I am certified to do is also very helpful in the increase of blood circulation and increasing the range of motion when muscles are sore. Most massage therapy clinics do offer some form of cupping there are several forms of cupping available. Dry cupping is the most common as it is the easiest to perform. Fire cupping is one of the older forms of cupping therapy and is just as effective as dry cupping.

the use of mineral muscle rubs such as magnesium muscle rub are also very effective in treating sore muscles in the recovery process. Many rubs such as hot or cold rubs are good at relieving soreness but does not actually treat the soreness all that does is temporarily relieve the soreness whereas mineral rubs treat the soreness.

Daily stretching as well as stretching before and after physical strenuous activity it’s also very important to increase the blood flow and allow the muscles to warm up and cool down at after training as to not cause any strains or sprains or pulls in the muscles. Many injuries can be avoided with proper stretching prior to exercise. there are many websites dedicated to showing proper stretching for each muscle group on the internet and are free.

I hope you find this information helpful and if you have any further questions feel free to contact me.


After a hard, strenuous workout, wether cardiovascular (aerobic) or weightlifting (anaerobic), the body needs to be refueled. During intense exercise the body uses up carbohydrates, fats and proteins to keep the body going.

After training, usually within a hour of completion of training, you should refuel the body with the proper nutrition to help the healing process and make maximum gains from your workout.

Protein- Protein is essential in muscle repair, protein and amino acids are necessary for muscle growth.

Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. … Enzymes carry out almost all of the thousands of chemical reactions that take place in cells.

Easily digestible proteins:

white fish

milk and dairy



chicken or turkey

Carbohydrates- Carbs fuel the body with energy to train, and also daily tasks.  After a workout you need to replace the carbs that were depleted during training.

Carbs Provide Your Body With Energy. One of the primary functions of carbohydrates is to provide your body with energy. … Glucose in the blood is taken up into your body’s cells and used to produce a fuel molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through a series of complex processes known as cellular respiration.
Good examples of carbs:



sweet or white potatoes



Anatomy of the overhead Viking press


The Viking press is one of the oldest and probably well-known strongman movements throughout the world. It’s history is deeply rooted in Viking lore And Scandinavian test of Strength. With the Viking press the entire body is used to properly complete the movement with the focus being of course on the shoulders upper pectoral muscles in the front deltoids. Some of the mistakes made with this lift or not properly getting underneath the handle or bar prior to the left making the lifter have to do aLonger range of motion. Getting the body aligned properly and underneath the handles with proper balance will allow the left or to complete this movement more affectively. If during the movement there is lateral movement or forward and backward movement of the body is not being properly aligned underneath the bar prior to the lift. Keeping your center of gravity stable planting your heels and pressing  through the heels throughout this movement is imperative. At the end of the movement of the body should be in perfect alignment back straight leg straight and locked out in arms fully locked out. Even though the body will be lean forward the body should be in a perfect line. Protective gear such as elbow sleeves, weight belts, and wrist straps should be Used to protect oneself from injury. Working at lower weights repetitions to properly complete the form is very important as the week gets heavier form tends to be less used and more brute strength is used

Our Experiences at the LA FitEXPO

So, as many of you guys know our first big exhibit was at the LA FitEXPO, and we just wanted to share some moments with you guys that you may have missed!


First and foremost we want to show the best picture of the night and that is of COUNTRY CRUSH’S First lady AUTUMN COTE pulling the legend LORI COLE


We met all sorts of amazing people who can do amazing things like our pal LEO LANDEROS


We got to meet some seriously strong people.

Like our buddy 4x Mr. Olympia JAY CUTLER


The World’s Strongest Man MR. BRIAN SHAW

Our new friend KRYSZTOF SOSZYNSKI who can punch your lights out!

And of course our good buddy Champion Powerlifter SCOT MENDELSON


We found out that our MONSTER CRUSH was too much for some mere mortals.

But luckily there were some immortals on hand to show us how its done.

CHUCK YOUNG deadlifts 300 lbs

But “BIG SEXY” JON HOFFMAN  shows us how to dominate it.


Ray even got some table time in with MIKE COCHRAN of Wrist Wrench


We want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us and having a great time



Country’s Corner Interviews

Welcome to COUNTRY’S CORNER. This is a place where you will find the FEATURED ATHLETE of the month.
I had the privilage of interviewing the one and only Craig “ The Disciple” Soubliere!

FYI for future reference, if you are about to take this guy on  at the table you need to do three things first.


2. Eat all the Wheaties you can!

3. Train till you cant train any more!

Q & A session with Craig Soubliere

Q: How long have you been armwrestling? 
A: I started in December of 2012. So just a little over two years.

Q: Where do you see yourself in two years?  
A: Good question. As for armwrestling, my goal is to be on the elite level. I would like to win a national title, maybe even get the sport out there more by getting a big sponsor and show the world that armwrestling is the greatest sport on the planet.

(Soubliere and Dan Martin)

Q: Who got you into the sport of armwrestling?
A: I retired from bodybuilding November of 2012. I decided that I needed another sport to compete in, so I wanted to try armwrestling. Like everyone, I armwrestled as a young kid but never really got into it seriously. It’s kind of funny, because 31 years ago when I got into weight training I did it to get stronger at armwrestling. Funny how that all worked out!

Q: To date who would you say has given the disciple the toughest match of your career? 
A: My toughest match was against Stump Burton.

Q: What is the best advice you would give to a new puller? 
A: The best advice to a new puller is to stick with it. There’s alot of pain in the first couple of years but once you go through that the sport is truly amazing, and it gives you the opportunity to travel and meet some wonderful people and meet some really great athletes.

Q: What does your family think about armwrestling? 
A: My family thinks it’s pretty cool. My wife, Sara.. she supports me and is always there for me during my events. She likes it better than bodybuilding!

(Soubliere and his wife Sara)

Q: You are host of the nation’s premiere armwrestling radio show. How long have you been doing that?
A: It will be two years this June.

Q: Have any kids?
A: Nope. No kids.

Q: What armwrestler, new or old, has inspired you the most?
A: I would have to say Devon Larratt. His passion and love for the sport of armwrestling is truly awesome.

Well there you have it! A little glance at COUNTRY’S CORNER’S first Armwrestler of the month, Craig “ The Disciple” Soubliere. Tune into his radio show ARMWRESTLING NATION RADIO on mondays at 8 p.m. est!

(Craig Soubliere and Dicky Spiroff)

-James Orlando

Country’s Corner With Kyle Depew

This Month’s FEATURED ATHLETE of the month is a young man who is taking the arm-wrestling world by storm. This young puller hails from Escondido, California and is a disciple of Allen Fisher. Kyle has pulled wrestlers from three separate weight classes and completely dominated them. Beaten men twice the size of him self. Oh and he is only 14 years old.

Kyle Depew, 14 Escondido, California

      Q.Hey Kyle thanks for taking the time to talk to us at Country Crush. So lets get down to the nitty gritty. How long have you been involved in the sport of armwrestling?

A. I’ve arm wrestled my whole life. I’ve always had a connection with it at a very young age even before my dad happened to really get into it.

When the legendary Allen Fisher introduced my dad to the sport of armwrestling 6 years ago I had been armwrestling kids at school for a year and when I found out he was training with a pro I asked my dad to show me some tips I could use to beat the bigger guys.  I could beat everyone except those bigger guys who played a ton of sports, I mostly played Video games, used to draw and watched TV.

I’d ask for one tip everyday and that would be what I would work on. From the word GO I would make sure to be the first one to turn my wrist. The next day to make sure my wrist is higher than theirs.  Eventually I beat the bigger guys and no one wanted to arm wrestle.

I was reintroduced into the world of armwrestling last year, my dad decided to take me to an armwrestling tournament where I met world champions and professionals and that inspired me to get back into it. Over the time of a year I really gave up everyone I once liked, playing video games etc. and completely devoted my self to improving in the sport.

      Q. How many tournaments have you pulled in and what was your best finish?

A. So far I have pulled in seven (7) tournaments and my best experience wise was the PULL HOOK PRESS my dad put on at The GRINDERGYM. I got six (6) wins at that event and received 5 medals. I pulled in the 148’s, 165’s and 180’s amateur and open.

Q. How would you describe your preferred style of pulling. (Hook, Press, Top Roll etc.) Maybe give us a little insight on what strategies go through your mind when you step up to the table and during the match.

A. That is the hardest question for me when asked. A lot of it goes into what I want to do at that second on the table. I have developed the ability to be fully confident with whatever move I want to do as I feel them on the table. A lot of my style reflects off of the hundreds of people who have critiqued my moves. I find that everyone wants to give you a little bit of them-self when they work with you. I take everything people say. Analyze their moves. How my mind processes, I analyze moves and know what I want to do to combat it. This is why I tend to be better in practice pulling. It gives my time to analyze who I am about to pull with. My technique is the biggest thing I rely on because it is how I manage to beat these people who are stronger than me. My move I have been working on and trying to set is a versatile hook, exerting force in every direction, up, down to the side, just try to tire out the other persons arm. I also like to catch in the hook. My 2nd move is a backpressure Top Roll. My moves are often compared to the moves of Allen Fisher my Armwrestling coach.

Before a match I try to clear my head of another thoughts. I focus on harnessing my strength and controlling all my emotions into these blasts of power. As I get on the table I like to focus on the grip. It’s my scariest attribute in armwrestling. I mentally concentrate on beating that person. Imagine my self beating them.

  1. So my next question is, who is your biggest armwrestling inspiration.
    Q. Who would you love to pull one day and why? 

    A. My biggest inspiration is Allen Fisher and my dad Dave Depew. Allen has been armwrestling so long and always wants to give back to the sport. I inspire to love armwrestling the way he does. My dad is by far my biggest inspiration. He does everything he can in his power to make my family and I happy. He works a ton to support me and my dreams in the sport. He is always taking me to these big tournaments and being a great dad and role model in my life. He has certainly set the bar very high for me and I thank him for that.
  2. Well I would love the chance to pull Ethan Fritsche one day. There are so many people I wish to pull in my life but the next would be Ethan because obviously he is the prodigy of Cobra Rhodes and I the disciple of Allen Fisher.

       Q. Speaking of the Great Allen Fisher, being his disciple and all, do you bring the same intensity when you come up to the table?  Do you manhandle the table and try to psych the other guy out?

A. Psyching guys out is something I naturally do but I haven’t dome much experimenting trying to. I naturally have this beast inside of me. When Im in a tournament all of these emotions bundle up into raw power… I grasp ahold of this power and let it all out on the table. I shake the table; I scream I get fired up. I would say that my intensity has been compared to Fisher’s.

Q. So when someone finds out they have to pull you next…What should they be thinking? 

A. They should be thinking how they are gonna lose gracefully or that if they won…they beat a 14 year old…if they lose they lost to a 14 year old beast.

The Manimal Kyle Depew everyone!  He’s definitely not a boy but he’s not yet a  man..He is the beast.

-Mike Waterhouse

Scott Warren

We had the chance to sit down and interview two amazing brother’s in the sport of Armwrestling, Scott and AJ Warren.

We will start with Scott “The Ambassador” Warren (pictured on the right)

Congratulations Scott on being Country Crush’s co-arm wrestler for the month of March 2015!

Q. Who got you started in arm wrestling and how long ago?

A. I got started into arm wrestling by tagging along to watch my brother do it, and being persuaded into trying it my self after a few beers with Mr. Jamie Sheldon. 

Q. I’ve noticed that there’s the UAL, WAL and Elite, the newer league that’s based in Oregon. If I were to choose a league which would, in your opinion offer the best contract? Do the leagues pay the arm wrestlers? What are the differences between the three? 

A. I believe everyone knows my stand pretty well. I think it’s simple. Contracts before big money will destroy this sport. The leagues have single handedly divided the best in the US and mostly for next to nothing.  I wish all my brothers the best, if you had to pick a league..pick WAL..but my advice, sign no contracts, commit to no one but your self.  Herman Stevens is a prime example.

Q. How long have you been into Promoting Armwrestling events? 

A. I have been promoting only for half a year. I will be holding my 7th even in 6 months on April 11th 2015 in Norco, CA. hope to see everyone there! Thanks to my sponsor John Buxton for helping make this a great event!

Q. Do you think there should be a second season of Game of Arms, and if so, do you think the producers should choose different teams? 

A. Yes, Game of Arms was great entertainment in myopinion. I enjoyed it more than I do a show like Dancing With The Stars. So in my personal opinion, yes bring on season 2 and I hope it airs soon!

Q. So who is the older brother? 

A. Im older than AJ, 14 months apart.

Q. Are you married? Have kids?

A. No, not married but in love with a beautiful woman, whom I plan to marry. I have two beautiful daughters, ages 6 and 5

Q. Where were you born and raised?

A. Born and raised in Chino, CA.

Q. Were you into sports growing up? If so what were they? 

A. Yeah, I played Baseball from ages 4 till I was about 18, then I joined adult softball and played in the upper divisions until I met arm wrestling and decided I had to pick one because they dont mix. Clearly I picked Armwrestling.

Q. Any relation to the great Steve Warren? 

A. I don’t have any relation to Steve that I can be certian of. All I know of him is he was a great arm wrestler and is a  great individual.

Q. Where do you see your self in 5 years?

A. Married, have a home and multi national left handed armwrestling titles.

Q. What advice would you give amateur arm wrestlers? 

A. Best advice anyone can give you, when you go practice DO NOT DRINK! If you want to learn you must keep your mind, ears and eyes open, keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell a pro what you think has worked for you, just do what he or she tells you to do and you WILL see results.

Q. What training tools other than the COUNTRY CRUSH would you recommend training with?

A. When you get started nothing suffices your training needs like actually pulling. It takes time to learn how to replicate those movements in the gym. So in my opinion do your normal workout hit all of your muscles, then pay attention to what movements you do in armwrestling and how you can recreate them in your weight training.

Q. Who to date was your toughest match? 

A. I havent had a tough match left handed.. Those are over in a second. But right handed, my toughest match was Mr. Lynn Brower, that man is a legend of the sport and my win right handed on him is an achievement ill carry for a long time.

One last question. What arm wrestler, dead or alive, has influenced you the most. 

A. Most influential armwrester to me was probably Don McClary. That man has ,ade me an official family member. I can always force him to teach me, and count on him to be stage side at my matches, coaching me through and getting just as upset as my self when I lose a match because I didn’t listen.

Thanks for the interview, KEEP CRUSHING IT! 

-James Orlando

AJ Warren

AJ Warren is our Co-Armwrestler of the month with his brother Scott  from Chino, California. I had a chance to speak with AJ about his career so far in the sport.

So now lets see why the guys in his weight class have to worry about him.

Q. So how long have you been Armwrestling?

A. Not very long. I showed up to the CA State Championship in June or July of 2013. Before that I had never competed, and really only heard of John Brzenk and Travis Bagent..Guys like them. I had no clue there was an entire underground community of arm wrestlers all over the world.

Q. Who introduced you to the sport?

A. Well, I’d say my dad gave me the passion for armwrestling. But as far as the competition aspect, I was probably just like every other new guy.. I thought I was good because I beat all of my friends so I just went online and searched for a tournement which ended up being the California States. I didnt expect to just show up and beat everyone..I thought I would do well but I definetly never pictured the pros being THAT much better than me. My first match was with Mike Wildey, I think he probably had to pull up three classes just to be in my class and I beat him by my weight advantage I believe. My second and third marches were to Scott Partington and he flashed the crap out of me. I had NO clue speed was even relevant in armwrestling. My mind was simply BLOWN!

Q. Where do you see yourself in armwrestling 5 years from now?

A. 5 years from now? Atleast a national title, working for one alot sooner than that hopefully

JO: ‘You’ll get it and I hope I’m there to see it.”

AJ: Thanks dude, I sacrifice alot to train the way I do and still manage my work schedule. I usually get 4-5 hours of sleep on work days, and thats with nothing but my commute, work and gym. No going out, no watching tv…Its a very boring and exhausting life but thats what it takes to be the best.

Q. Who to date would you say has given you the toughest match? 

A. My toughest match I would have to say has been Scott Wynn. I think our record right now is tied up at 2-2 RH with him having the last win. But every match with him is just brutal. Our strength has got to be just about equal, and our styles are very similiar. We both go straight to a deep hook then it’s a war! He is just so much more technical than me it is very painful to pull him. Any mistakes I make he takes advantage of and it usually ends up feeling like i’m trying to escape an arm bar and win a match at the same time. As far as what I train with it kind of Depends what type of training I’m doing at the time. I’m constantly changing things and trying to balance my general strength and conditioning with armwrestling. I recently tore the ulnar collateral ligament in my right wrist so im just coming back from a little break to let it recover some and really taking it easy on my wrist and fingers. Right now my training is really basic with some extra rehabilitation for my wrist. I still use the small WRIST WRENCH and the karate belt regularly with light weights, advoiding all of the gat grips and heavy wrist and finger curls. Really trying to focus on recovering fully, increasing general strength and from there I will reintroduce the more strenuous armwrestling training; GULLEY GRIP, COUNTRY CRUSH and Fat Gripz.

Q. Who would you say was the arm wrester..dead or alive that has influenced you the most? 

A. I could probably name a few but if i had to pick one, definitely Corey Miller. He’s a perfect example of what I believe every person is capable of but 99.9% will never achieve. He has no genetic gifts for arm wrestling, nothing freaky about him. He has achieved everything with a ridiculous work ethic. I think anyone who says they can’t be a world champion is only right with that attitude. I know that there are genetically gifted people who can do well without trying so hard, but i’m a firm believer that you can have anything you want if you’re willing to do what it takes to achieve it. Training and dieting to achieve a huge goal is not always fun, or easy, after a while it just sucks somedays..Somdays to eat and train and study like a crazy person. But staying focus whether it’s enjoyable or not on those days it’s what separates the champions from the losers in my opinion. Not their genetic make up.

Q. What advie would you give a amateur arm wrestler? 

A. I thnk Devon Larratt said it best “Stay Healthy and Don’t Quit.” It’s so easy to rack up injuries by thinking you can climb the ladder faster by training harder, heavier, etc….and of cource training hard is important don’t get me wrong…but you have to keep in mind alot of tendons and ligaments in your hands, wrist and elbows that we use in armwrestling are small…probably never been condiitioned for this kind of stain and can be easily injured. Just listen to your body. Find a team, coach, coaches..Someone that can guide you through the beginners phase safely and LISTEN to them. There are new arms breaking left and right lately and usually they’ve been preventable. Also a secret tool that every new armwrestler need to have if they ever want to do well in this sport…It’s called losing! You have to understand that there is no lose, and there never will be. So to get upset over a loss is foolish. But its probably the best way to learn. I take every loss as a free lession and if its a loss to someone I know I should beat then it’s a free lession and akick in the backside to remind me why I don’t deserve to miss a day at the gym.

Q. What do you do the most..Lift weigths or table time right before a match?

A. Usually before a tournament I will stay off the table for about two weeks. Starting one week out I will switch to lighter gym training, and usually rest for 3 or 4 days. I’m always experimenting with my training though, so if you ask me again in a couple months it will be completely different im sure.

JO: Well thanks bro for your time. It was truly an honor interviewing you. I Learned alot about the sport.

Take Care! 

James Orlando.

Jeff Dabe


James Orlando had the chance to sit down with the Minnesota Phenomenon Jeff “Popeye” Dabe


Q. So when did you start arm wrestling?

A. I started 1981 my senior year in high school and did it for about 4 years.

JO. So you arm wrestled from 1981 to approximately 1985.Then what year did you come back to the sport?

JD. I believe it was 2012. In the fall Josh Handeland held a tournament in a local tavern, we just went to watch and Josh talked me back into it.

Q. Now what do find different from when you competed in the 80’s?

A. In the 80’s it was alot of brute strength now there’s alot of technique involved.

Q. So who got you started in Arm wrestling the first time?

A. My neighbor Bob Martin showed me and I was the first to beat him he was a crazy fun guy.

Q. What do you want to achieve in the next couple of years?

A. I like doing this for fun,but I would like to be in the top 4.I would love to give. Travis Bagent a match even if I didn’t beat him.I’ll be 52 in June I don’t really train.So it’s fun just to hold my own.

JO. Your still a young man remember we’re all old and young to someone lol.

JD. So true.

JO. Some of your top arm wrestlers are in their 50s Allen Fisher,Richard Lupkes,John Brzenk and so on.



Q. So where were you raised

A. I grew up in Hugo MN.We had a farm and lived on a lake and I use to row everyday when I was young.I graduated from Lake high school. My coach took us to a arm wrestling tournament for charity.

I beat everyone then stayed at it but these guys stayed at it and train daily.

Q. What does your wife think about you armwrestling?

A. She loves it she screams and yells at me when I’m pulling.Plus we get to do some traveling.

Q. Now isn’t that worth the training?

A.Yes i’d say its worth it.



Q. What devices do you use to train with?

A. I use a band hooked to a door knob and pull on it while watching tv also a pipe with a rope and a weight on it but only a few times.I’m not much for weight training.I like doing outside chores on our hobby farm.

Q. So do you train with Joseph Drellack?

A. Yes! He’s a nice guy and does awesome video’s.He got us on fox 9 on the fly show from the video’s he took with me in them.Kelsey from the show saw the videos and asked us both to be on the show.(You can find these videos on YouTube).

Q. What advice would you give a beginner?

A. I think it would be to watch and learn it’s alot of focus..Don’t be afraid to ask questions!!

Q. What armwrestler dead or alive inspires you the most?

A. Rick Rude I use to pullwith him back in the 80’s. He’s the one that told me what I needed to do to beat Scott Norton.

JD. I’m in the MN armwreastling Hall of fame that Josh Handeland put up.


JD. I might be living but not sure about a legend,haha

JO. Well in my book your a legend.

Q. So what’s on your hobby farm?

A. Horse’s, one goat out of 8,couple of dogs, 4 cats and 100 Koi and goldfish.

JO. I want to thank you for taking time out to show us a little bit of your life,it was TRULY AN HONOR and I hope that we get to meet one day.Your a awesome friend and ARMWRESTLER..

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