GERALD BRAY - “ I Love my Country Crush!! It’s an intrical part of my daily workout! I don’t know how I ever survived without it! Before I was just lifting weights and not getting a full burn for my arms but now I work every Inch of my arms. It’s the best two-handed handle I’ve ever used!!”

JASON PAPRZYCKI - “I recieved this product a few weeks ago and it is definitely great for building stronger forearms and grip strength. Really like the Country Crush!” 

JOSEPH “THE NATURAL BORN KILLER” DRELLACK - “Country Crush is the game changer that everyone has been waiting for!” 

JOSEPH SANTOS VALLEJO  - “The Country Crush is the best tool I have ever used. Don’t get me wrong I like using other high profile tools but I use the Country Crush ALOT more. Raymond Cote is a great man with bright Idea’s and I can’t Wait to use it again tonight! Team Desert Arms BABY!!”

CHRIS BROOKS - “Just wanted to say that I LOVE my country Crush. I’ve been working out off and on since I was 14, I am now 37 and the Country Crush is the best attachment I’ve ever used. It gives a GREAT pump just doing normal workouts and totally isolates the forearm muscles! The pump from the Country Crush is the best I’ve ever   had. "

MATTHEW HUGHES - “I absolutely love training with this piece of equipment. I have been lacking in my wrists, but I can feel the Country Crush working the hell out of it. Not only in my wrists, but in my hands, forearms and Lats too. I also use it while doing schrugs and curling exercises. Thank you Raymond Cote for your hardwork and dedication on the Country Crush. I love it and highly recommend it.”

JOSH GRANT - “Awesome product. Blasts your forearms. Very unique movement that is perfect for armwrestling and grip sports. Get one!”

CODY LEVY - “Awesome product! Pumped forearms in just a few sets. Awesome for seated rows!!!Looks cool and very sturdy. I recomment buying a carribeaner depending on what gym you go to due to connection hole sizes. Love this Product!!!” 

DANIEL “THE DOMINATOR” STIVERS  - “ I recently purchased the Country Crush after hearing all the great reviews from some of the best pullers in the world, and I gotta say it is one of the best training tools I’ve ever used. I’ve lacked strength in my wrist and hand, and since using the cCountry Crush I can feel a big difference in those areas, among my forearm as well. I’m excited to see my skill level and strength rise to new heights, to anyone looking to up their game definitely needs the Country Crush!!!"

BRIAN BELLWOOD - “The Country Crush has become a staple in my workout routine for armwrestling. In the month that I’ve been using it i’ve built a stronger hand and a noticeably stronger wrist and hook. I’m able to give guys matches that before I could barely do anything with. I love this handle!”

JOHN BAILEY - “Just wanted to let you know that the Country Crush handle is great! I use it 2 or 3 times a week. It just smokes my fingers and forearms. My body building friend loves to use it. Thanks!”

AUTUMN COTE  - “ Love the Country Crush and the awesome burn after.. This tool is amazing for so many different workouts and is a must have in any gym! Definitely my favorite! ”

ERIC TURPIN - “ Thank you Ray “Big Country” Cote for your time and dedication in making this fine piece of workout equipment. I’ve had the Country Crush for a while now it really gets the arms pumping. I’ll be using this alot in my workouts. Thanks again Ray! “

STIAN NYMO - “I’ve been training alot with the Country Crush. Getting stronger every single day. It’s a great piece of training equipment and i’ve found that no other training tool gives me so much pump in my formarms as your product. My armwrestling has significantly increased. I’ve been even trying to do some deadlifts as well, but im afraid im no where near the guys you post on the page..Yet.. Thanks so much! Stain from Norway”

GREG GOLDEN - “Impressed with the handles mate..2 days 2 workouts..really hits my hands…I think it’s the best bit of kit out there. Thanks so much from Australia”

RICK BANAS  - “After using the Country Crush the past couple months, there has been a significant increase in size and strength in my crib, wrists and forearms No other tool currently available at my local gym has the capacity to focus the intensity right where it is needed most”

WES OBLANDER - “The Country Crush is one of the very few handles I have used that completely exhausts the wrists and forearms in a way that few devices ever have. It is easy to attach to any pulley with a carabiner and do wrist curles, static holds and partial reps while doing one’s back work. Not only is it built like a tank, but it would be helpful for anyone desiring wrist and forearm strength. "

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